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Art unit to project the two sides "Kyunchome", Taro Okamoto and "confrontation" Exhibition

Special exhibition to cut the up-and-coming contemporary art unit "Kyunchome" to the world of Taro Okamoto "I want to born under the sun again," is currently being held at the Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum.

Minami Aoyama - Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum

And organized by Taro Okamoto Memorial Contemporary Art Foundation, et al., A special exhibition of 17th to elect the "creation to the times," the artist "TARO Award" award-winning author. Exhibition in the men and women of the art unit "Kyunchome" which was formed in 2011 to carry out, "it seems to call the distant world" to earnestly continue to howl in the affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake (2013), in the Forest is the attractions of suicide "it has led to something," "another good Kai" and continue to call someone (2014), such as "man is born from the fact that live as human problems and contradictions and obsession" the handle style features. Was placed a large amount of video work taken by the stepping advanced earlier in the affected areas of rice foot "flowing to the red" (2014) has led to the TARO Award as to convey a sense of urgency to live in Japan after the earthquake .
In a special exhibition to become the planning of the award-winning author, writer and a "showdown" is the concept of the Taro. The sun of the masterpiece of Taro at the venue, "Tower of the Sun" is paying attention to what is depicted on the back of the tower, to screen a video work that was pregnant with light using a mirror in the pupil of the sun. In addition to or "wall of day" mural work was demolished in accordance with the dismantling of the old Metropolitan Government, paying attention to was the missing "underground of the sun" and the like, "the sun who did not shine" is also in the Taro work. Kyunchome in its own approach, poured a new energy to their work group.
Nuclear accident, natural disaster, in Japan's political turmoil ... the earthquake and later, "safety myth" of all has been believed force feel like the collapse of up to it. Duality be felt in the work of good and evil, both sides - light and dark ... Kyunchome is also in our own hesitation you've noticed in the dubiousness of the word "absolutely fine". Through the work of Kyunchome, that he his feet are on the result of a variety of selected, try a chance to review again.

In addition, the main planning "," life "Taro Okamoto of" dealing with "Tree of Life", which is installed in the interior of the Tower of the Sun at the venue also held. April 17 (Friday) to be implemented talk show by writer (18 30 pm -, reservation required) In addition to, from late May, a special exhibition is followed by plans of Mr. artist Saebogu which won the Toshiko Okamoto Award ( until June 14, 2008).

17th Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award Exhibition
Yes held:
2015 April 1 (Wednesday) to April 20 (Monday)
Late May to June 14, 2015 (Sun)
Yes hours: 10: 00~18: 00 ※ Tuesdays (Tuesday is opened in the case of a public holiday)
Yes Venue:Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum
Tokyo, Minato-ku, Minami-Aoyama 6-1-19
Yes fee: General 620 yen In addition
〇 Official:Http://

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