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1941 Born in Osaka. Self-taught studied architecture, founded Tadao Ando Building Research Institute in 1969. Such as the masterpiece, "a collection of Rokko housing," "Church of the Light," "Armani Teatro", "Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth," "underground museum," "Omotesando Hills", "21_21 DESIGN SIGHT". Architectural Institute of Japan Award in the year 1979, "Row House in Sumiyoshi", 1993 Japan Art Academy Award, 1995 Asahi Prize, 2002, AIA Gold Medal, Kyoto Prize, 2005 UIA (International Architects Union) Gold medal other winning number. 2003 Person of Cultural Merit, 2006 Environmental Conservation Merit. To play in the woods waste landfill in Tokyo Bay in 2007"Sea of ​​forest fund-raising"Established. Such as "talk about the architecture", "Lien-game losing streak," "construction method" to the book.

On June 14, Tokyo Metro Co.,Ltd. and FUKU-TOSHIN LINE were opened. The architect, Tadao Ando, worked on the design of Shibuya Station commissioned by TOKYU CORPORATION. Its unique design with the theme of "Gyokan" has attracted a great deal of attention before its opening. We talked to Mr. Ando about the attractiveness of Shibuya Station with its unique design.

Public transportation in Tokyo is the world

To the city of Japan has many of the pedestrian bridge, but the footbridge is I think we are breaking most of the city of Japan. In particular, the heart of Tokyo is all going by, raised or lowered with. Is this a Tokyo of the problem of, but does not know whether the country of the problem, troubled and anyway inconvenient facilities, do not have my resolve soon to say from the side to use. Japan is progressing rapidly is aging society, it's is hard to climb up and down the pedestrian bridge to the elderly. I would not at all a problem for the young people. In view of the fact that, if Japan's longevity society of life 90 years, I want to create a town that corresponds to the longevity society. I think it is still the country do I need to firm.

That the country of Japan can be proud of is I think that lot there, but I think there is that you have excellent public transportation to one of them. When referred to herein (Shibuya), Tokyu such as private railway and JR, to there is also a subway, bus is also a lot. This only I transport I do not countries that are in the way of the mesh. This is the best in the world ... as far as I know.

I am also the general director of Grand Design of the Tokyo Olympics, but I would like to exercise on the inside of the YAMANOTE LINE so as not to drive my car voluntarily. It would be more convenient to increase the number of (public transport). If you do so, Japanese people will lose much awareness because they are high. I think that the station plays an important role for that too.

First of all, I thought Let's Make a "station that remains in the people who use the mind."

Although the design of the station has also done in other, first, that you are functionally superior, and it is important that it is attractive. The station of until now it was getting on and off only (but purpose) .... Instead, for example, at the station of Kaminoge has made a day-care center, but firmly made that kind of thing, I think that if in place to support the life and culture of the region.

One the same the other, I think because the station is that it should go left in the memory. Since about the last 30 years has been to create a single-mindedly make easy functional station ... probably so much not in the memory. Do you remember somewhere? Toka Do is good anywhere in the station?

Provided by: Tadao Ando Building Research Institute + TOKYU CORPORATION

Here when you create a station (Shibuya), I thought Let's make the station to remain in the human mind to use. Maybe you through that station, if there is an impression of how and with that station, a small station even if the station even if it forever will remain in the mind. I thought that it should be so. It is "the basement of the egg" is because "Chichusen". In, and say what in or "egg", but I had thought that want to make the eggs from the front, come something is born from here "egg". Toka mind is excited and fall within the "Chichusen", I thought I want to station to be considered much more than take the train. I wanted to make a station like something is born from there. For example, each person experience, this kind of thinking to their own way of life that even if there's such that the hint, "this station, interesting Do not. I also interesting to think it" is Nde origin because you want to the station, such as that shin. (When viewed from here) looks just like an egg shell is cracked, but there is a large opening in the middle of some 100 meters "Chichusen". The looks like can be seen from above is actually a train comes running through there. In many cases, but I was anxious to go to the subway station. I do not know myself where you are. Because (this Shibuya Station) is the atrium to the point where the railway underground 30 meters are through, firmly find the place where they are. A it is safe and secure because the city, I do have the mind of peace of mind. Here because movement that Being in (Shibuya station) if he where you are can be seen, I think it's peace of mind.

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