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Goodbye, we loved the Toyoko Line Shibuya Station "barrel roof"

On August 28, 1927 (Showa 2), Tokyo-Yokohama Electric Railway (now TOKYU CORPORATION ) opened 9.1 kilometers between the Shibuya and Maruko Tama Rivers, dreaming a new 23.9-kilometer route connecting Shibuya and Kanagawa, “Toyoko A line is born. Since then, the Toyoko Line Shibuya Station has seen many people as early as the "Terminal Station" from early morning, and has been welcoming many people as late as late at midnight. The number of users is about 440,000 a day. For most people, the station may be just a moment to spend. But, starting from here, some people work in Shibuya, some learn in Shibuya, some play in Shibuya .... Each of them jumps out to the "city of Shibuya" with the common contact point of "Toyoko Line Shibuya Station" and comes back again. The station is not just a "platform", but a "home" or "hometown" that always welcomes us warmly. Yes, the station is our "Home"!

Finally, mutual direct operation between the TOKYU TOYOKO LINE and the Tokyo Metro Co.,Ltd. FUKU-TOSHIN LINE started on March 16, 2013, and the Shibuya Station on the Toyoko Line has been undergrounded. At the same time, the "Toyoko Line Shibuya Station" in the terminal, which has long been loved for many years, will end in 78 years of history, with the "Tokyu Toyoko Store East Building" being popular as a department store directly connected to the station at the end of March. Become. So in this Shibuya culture, I would like to look back on the history and episodes of "Toyoko Line Shibuya Station & Tokyu Toyoko Store" that was the face of the city of Shibuya.

Line 1: Let's learn

History and "Toyoko Line Shibuya Station" of the "Toyoko store" 1927-2013 "Shibuya Station Toyoko Line," "Toyoko store" transition transform

1 and 3/4 Line: Extra planning

Honma Anything-You-Want G! ? Shibuya Station - Toyoko Line Shibuya Station and Tokyu Toyoko shops surrounding Trivia 14 barrage

Line 2: Let's hear

Nakai Sei也's (railway photographer) Sadao Kenai (Toyoko Line Shibuya Station, station master) Nakai Sei也's Sadao Kenai

Line 3: Let's walk

Between Shibuya Station over Daikanyama Station, Let's walk the underpass!

Line 4: Let made by

Special Appendix - Let's make the popularity of Toyoko vehicle & Shibuya Station station building in Paper Craft!

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