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Culture Feature feel the Shibuya SPECIAL season

City of history and culture, such as entertainment, will introduce as special features Shibuya trends from their own point of view and cut.

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いよいよ渋谷が変わる! SHIBUYA FUTURE Second Stage 渋谷の壮大な未来の計画 第2章

100年に一度と言われる渋谷駅周辺の再開発。「渋谷ヒカリエ」(2012年)に続き、「渋谷駅街区」「渋谷ストリーム(旧渋谷駅南街区)」「道玄坂一丁目駅前地区(東急プラザ跡地を含む周辺地区)」「渋谷駅桜丘口地区」と駅中心地区で同時に4つの再開発が進行している。さらに駅周辺でも「渋谷キャスト(旧渋谷宮下町計画)」「宮下公園等事業」「南平台プロジェクト」「宇田川町15地区開発計画(渋谷パルコ建替え工事)」など、渋谷の街全体では10を超える再開発工事が同時に進んでいる。駅中心地区の再開発プロジェクトがすべて終わるのは、今から10年後の2027年ごろを予定しているが、東京五輪が開催される2020年までには、開発の大枠が完成する見込みだ。 この特集ページでは駅中心地区4つのプロジェクトのほか、同時期に行われる「公園通り」や「宮下公園周辺」など駅周辺の再開発計画も併せて紹介していく。新生渋谷駅と共に「街全体の未来の姿」をいち早く捉えてみたいと思う。

Shibuya redevelopment map渋谷ストリーム(南街区プロジェクト)渋谷駅街区渋谷駅桜丘口地区道玄坂一丁目駅前地区

Towards 2020, the opening of business starts one after another!

Shibuya Hikarie opens in 2012, and in 2013 the TOKYU TOYOKO LINE and the Tokyo Metro Co.,Ltd. FUKU-TOSHIN LINE start direct-to-direct operation mutually. In addition, the ground station building at Shibuya Station closed its 85-year history, and the prologue of the magnificent redevelopment of Shibuya Station began to move. After that, the ground station building on the Toyoko Line Shibuya Station, where the “Kamaboko Roof” was characterized, and the Tokyu Department Store East Building were dismantled, and the scenery at the Shibuya Station East Exit changed dramatically. In the meanwhile, without discontinuing the station's functions for four years, dismantling work will be carefully carried out, and some redevelopment projects including the Shibuya Station East Building will be completed by 2020. Now, "The second chapter of the redevelopment project" will begin.

How will you change Shibuya from now on?
Let's look at the concrete plan of Chapter 2 of redevelopment.

Opening schedule and major events scheduled

2017 Spring opening in 2017 Space plan Shibuya Miyashita-machi 2018 Fall started in the year 2018 Shibuya Minami-ku 2019 opening business in 2019 Shibuya station area block · Nanpeidai project · Dogenzaka 1-chome station front area渋谷駅街区 東棟南平台プロジェクト道玄坂一丁目駅前地Opened in 2020 in 2020 Shibuya station Sakuragaoka mouth district 2027 Opened in 2027 Shibuya Station Branch Central / West Building

Redevelopment in Shibuya station center

  • Shibuya station block (East Building, Central Building, West Building)
  • SHIBUYA STREAM (Former Shibuya Station Southern District Project)
  • Dogenosaka 1-chome Station front district
  • Shibuya Station Sakuragaoka port district

Redevelopment around Shibuya

  • Miyashita-cho area: SHIBUYA CAST (Former Shibuya Miyashita-cho Plan)
  • Miyashita-cho area: Miyashita Park etc. development project
  • Koen area: 15 districts of Udagawa-machi development plan / Shibuya Konen street plan
  • Konoyado area: Rebuild of Shibuya Ward Government building
  • Dogenzara Area: Nanpeidai Project
  • Miyama Masaka Area: Miya Masakasa Building Rebuilding Plan
  • Jingumae 1-chome · 5-chome Area: Children's Castle · Aoyama Hospital · Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Hall site

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