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2019年度 開業


"Urban tourism base" to enhance international competitiveness is born in Shibuya's "gateway to the west"

"Dogenosaka 1-chome Ekimae district" is the site of the "Tokyu Plaza Shibuya" opposite the West Exit of JR Shibuya Station and the adjacent area. The development vision is "Warm Japan, from Dogenzaka 1 - chome." It is about 103 meters high and construction of a complex of 18 stories above ground, with a warm hospitality, we will promote the fascinating city of Shibuya. A high-grade office is set up in the high-rise area, a commercial facility contributing to the bustle of the city in the middle and low-rise area, and a bus terminal including a departure point of the airport limousine bus are set up in part of the first floor. We also developed "Tourism Support Facilities" for visitors to and from home and abroad, to enhance the international competitiveness of the city, such as setting up a color as the "base for urban tourism" for holding the Tokyo Olympic Games, urban renewal It is expected as a base to play a part of.

"Airport limousine bus depot" is being developed for the Olympics

On the first floor of the facility, we prepared a bus terminal including an airport limousine bus depot that enables direct access to the international airport. Improve "tourism support facility" for tourists and visitors in Japan and overseas to enhance the function as "urban tourist base". Inside the facility, we will provide services for tourists, such as "foreign currency exchange facility" and "tourist information facility", to enhance the international competitiveness of the city of Shibuya.

"Industry advancement support facility" for foreign companies and ventures aiming to advance to Japan

Small scale offices in the facility for entrepreneurs such as creative content industry and foreign companies entering Japan. Furthermore, the rooftop garden and eating and drinking establishment will be installed, promoting a creative idea in the space surrounded by green.

Comfortable pedestrian network & maintenance of Urban Core

Between the commercial facilities of "Dogenosaka 1-chome Ekimae district" and JR Shibuya station, we provide wide and safe ground-based access and pedestrian deck and improve the convenience of movement. A smooth rolling flow line to the town of the west side of the station including Sakuragaoka area is formed. Also equipped with "Urban Core" which connects the ground part and the deck level with a vertical movement line, pedestrian priority environment that combines convenience and safety is prepared. Besides, there are no cargo handling space around the station where the commercial facility gathers, and on-the-road handling has been regarded as a regional issue before, but with this redevelopment, along with the construction of the "shopping and handling facilities" We will continue to develop and aim for the realization of community development centered on pedestrians, enhancing the comfort of walking and the migration of the city. Not only building simple buildings, but also the fundamental review and improvement of infrastructure such as "pedestrian network" can be said to be an attraction of large-scale redevelopment.

Redevelopment in Shibuya station center

  • Shibuya station block (East Building, Central Building, West Building)
  • SHIBUYA STREAM (Former Shibuya Station Southern District Project)
  • Dogenosaka 1-chome Station front district
  • Shibuya Station Sakuragaoka port district

Redevelopment around Shibuya

  • Miyashita-cho area: SHIBUYA CAST (Former Shibuya Miyashita-cho Plan)
  • Miyashita-cho area: Miyashita Park etc. development project
  • Koen area: 15 districts of Udagawa-machi development plan / Shibuya Konen street plan
  • Konoyado area: Rebuild of Shibuya Ward Government building
  • Dogenzara Area: Nanpeidai Project
  • Miyama Masaka Area: Miya Masakasa Building Rebuilding Plan
  • Jingumae 1-chome · 5-chome Area: Children's Castle · Aoyama Hospital · Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Hall site
  • SHIBUYA FUTURE Second Stage Back to top

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